I forgot to mention the Jo-ism part of the last blog. Then whilst I was enjoying a pub dinner on my own (small violins at the ready) it came to me that I needed to explain myself.

A Jo-ism is a term my friends made up many moons ago when they simply couldn’t put into words my inane ramblings. You see, often I would blurt out things I had been thinking about, without actually thinking about them, and expect them to make perfect sense to those around me. To put it simply – people thought I was mad.

Here are a few examples to get your brain ticking over…

Have you ever noticed when you get into a lift that it usually has the word Schindler written on it? Then you draw the comparison and have a chuckle to yourself making you look mad to other lift folk, all the while you’re thinking ‘Schindler’s Lift he he he’ no? I do…

Then there was a classic one from yonks ago where I simply announced ‘how annoying is it when you’re trying to get to sleep and all you can hear is your heartbeat in you ear?’ needless to say this cracker was ensued by silence.

One of the last ones I can remember is saying how cool it would be to be able to take pictures with your eyes – admit it though, that’d be a pretty nifty trick to have up your sleeve – think of all the hot guys you’d have in your wank bank!

Just saying…


1 thought on “Jo-isms

  1. After the many times you said “how good would
    it be if you could take photos by blinking” in Whistler I was astounded to read that some clever boffin somewhere has made steps to make this a reality!! Maybe you should have got a patent!!

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